In this world full of distractions and fickleness it is without a doubt you will come across hardships but  “… you will rule in life through Christ” (Romans 5:17).

 From being a highly respected, yet underrated defensive back, to being a preferred walk on to the University of Cincinnati’s football team, to eventually earning and excelling in his starting role within the Bearcat secondary; Grant Coleman and Starstruk AmbaSSador is no stranger to adversity. Nearly halfway through his junior year campaign, Young G is faced with a new obstacle in his path as he has been forced to view life from a much different perspective, and much to his surprise, a life without one of his biggest paSSions. This season, Coleman endured a season ending broken clavicle (collarbone) forcing him to rely on his roots of faith, family, and valuable relationships.  Although he’s paved quite the way for himself, his story is far from over. Determined to continue trailblazing a journey to succeSS, Starstruk decided to shed a bit of light on what it means to be #RelentleSS and what the mindset of what a humbled man is like. 

StarstrukB: How has your injury altered your mindset on not only football but also being a college athlete?

GC:I now have an extra year to gain knowledge and obtain my masters degree in either the MBA program with a specialization in finance or a Masters in Organizational Leadership. I realized that injuries are a part of the game and this game doesn’t last forever, so I need to make the most out of this scholarship and obtain as many degrees as I can. Knowledge is power.  

StarstrukB: When did you have your Starstruk “moment” of clarity?

GC: I had my Starstruk moment really this past month when I had my injury. It gave me some time off to think, observe where I’m at, and where I want to be. I had time to read and actually sit down with some of my mentors like Omar Banks, CFO and Assistant AD at UC. I realized through books I read like “Life in Half a Second” by Mathew Michaelwicz and talking with Omar that to become wealthy you must own something and invest in it. By being an owner of something you are able to manifest your vision while having your money make itself.

StarstrukB: How does Relentless apply to your lifestyle and current situation? What do you plan to accomplish?

GC:Relentless applies to my lifestyle and current situation because I can never be complacent. Complacency breeds mediocrity. You have to always want more, strive for more. Expand your knowledge and develop yourself not just physically, but mentally as well. Know the game to play the game. My situation has woken me up to so many opportunities I have never thought of. Just like with anything in life, it’s all about production. Being relentless and producing. Right now I plan on earning my undergrad degree in organizational leadership in the fall of 2016. With this extra year I plan on earning my masters in the fall of 2017. I plan to then prepare for my pro day and get a shot in an NFL training camp. For however long I play I’m using the money I make and degrees I’ve acquired to invest in Starstruk and expand the brand. Then going into real estate on the side and owning assets to produce more income. I’ve always liked the idea of designing homes and hotels. 

StarstrukB: Who are your biggest influences and how do plan to impact those around you?

GC:My biggest influences are definitely my parents. Growing up, they’ve always preached to me that I can do whatever I put my mind to, and they support me 100%. They’ve said their goal is to make sure their kids (my sister and I) will have more and be more than they’ve had. It’s not money that drives or influences me; it’s the people I love that drive my ambition to be successful. I plan to impact those around me by sharing my story of who I am, what I’ve been through and what I’ve done to get the things I’ve earned. And be an inspiration to anyone to go after what they want. 

StarstrukB: What does Starstruk mean to you?

GC: To me, when I think of Starstruk I flashback to Jaleel’s spring fashion show at UC my freshman year. During his time on the runway, Jay Z’s song “So Ambitious” was playing and it plays in my head every time I think of Starstruk. With that being said, I think of Starstruk as being the “lightbulb” in a sense of that spark of an idea and realizing what you’re put on this earth for. Being Starstruk and in awe of finding your passion and having clarity as to what you want to accomplish in life and relentlessly pursuing that ambition of yours. Having the strong desire to pursue your ambitions. Setting goals and channeling your efforts and behaviors in a particular direction is key, instead of being “sleep” and living day by day as life passes you on. SS

With this being said, we on the behalf of Starstruk would like to thank Grant for taking time out of his busy schedule and wish him a speedy recovery! In closing I will leave you with this:  It’s hard to beat someone who never gives up, so be RelentleSS!

~ StarstrukB