No stranger to the Starstruk family and immerging NFL player  Roosevelt “Rosie” Nix is making his presence known in light of recent succeSS in his first season with the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers. Nix served as an instrumental piece in the Steelers win against San Diego in his Monday night debut.  The Reynoldsburg native truly is a prime example of what work ethic and perseverance can present in the form of opportunities. In recent SStruk travelSS we got the chance to chop it up with the fam before another Sunday business trip.

When did you have your “Starstruk” moment?

Rose: I knew football was my thing in early in life playing with organizations such as the Eastland Vikings! I was never really into playing any other sports and for that reason I didn’t have much of a desire to be anything but at football player competing at the highest level possible.

~How does Starstruk fit and influence your lifestyle?

Rose: SS and the element of self confidence and perseverance has been apart of my life and this journey in the NFL in such a way I can not explain. From becoming a free agent, to getting cut and going home for 6 months as a teacher; life was challenging. Not hearing a word from any of the 32 professional teams was humbling so I kept the dream alive by continuing to work out every day continuing to grind when I had no reason to! The only thing that kept me going was myself! I knew I wasn’t going be done playing football and I knew I wasn’t gonna be one of those dudes who they could only talk about what I have done compared to what I am doing now!

~How do you wish to influence the youth and those like you?

Rose: After being cut by the Atlanta Falcons and working in the school district for a year, I realized that every teenager has a different story and some come from a whole different struggle! There are different approaches to every person’s life! To influence someone you have to be able to understand them as best as you can! The youth that I do know well, I will always try to be there, I try to be that person they can call on whenever they feel they don’t have someone! It was always preached to me that loyalty is the most important thing someone can be as well as living by the quote “Word is bond”

How do you best feel you can make a lasting impact on your community?

Rose: Just by being me. Being a positive role model to all young people that I know! Making sure that every person that knows me or knows of me feels positive energy around me! Its simple if you treat people right and in the manner of which you want to be treated good things and positive vibes will always come in full circle!

~How do you want to be remembered (Legacy)?

Rose : I’m not sure what exactly my legacy will withhold, but I know for a fact it will be nothing but positivity!. It will show that “no matter who tells you that you can’t, you can always put yourself in a position to be successful”. I truly believe that NO ONE can stop you but you!

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.”

― Vince Lombardi

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