September 2015

The hardest thing about making these posts is starting them. The second hardest part is to stop writing when all the ideas finally begin to click. I am a true believer that absence increases our need for a connection. I have been away from this blog for too long. There is so much that I want to … Continue reading


July2015 This year has been about becoming elite. Identifying and taking the necessary steps to become what you were always meant to be. In life there are no shortcuts or handouts. The power in realizing your potential and self worth is one that links indirectly to ones happiness. According to the founding fathers we have the right … Continue reading

..work hard, play hard, work hard again


Long time no see.. It feels good to be back ! It may not look like it but we working. Please stay tuned for what’s in store for SS Movement !

On a Path to perfect this Craft.

  Life has it’s ups & down, twists & turns with every step. The decisions made along this path will determine where the destination will be. As simple as this sounds the reality of it is that large parts of this life are out of our control. This is nothing to get discouraged about, but something to embrace and … Continue reading

February 2013

February 2013

2013 has been a year of excitement, opportunity, and growth. The miSSion continues and would not have made it this far without those who have showed their love and support. So THANK YOU ALL, we are unbelievably greatful. Februrary is a month that revolves around Love, so with that being said we will be showing some love by offering  … Continue reading

October First

I will keep SShort & SSweet .. continue to shop SStruk ! Our miSSion is still in motion.. lets be the change we want to see. End that wackneSS before it is too late. P.S. its my big brothers birthday so show some SStrukin Love! -Peace & happineSS

Happy SSeptember !

Happy SSeptember !

First and foremost special shoutout to all the virgos and libras. Hope you all enjoy your fav. month of the year, learn to grow and shop SStruk while your at it. We are still offering FREE SHIPPING. Take advantage. Enjoy the new season and adjust to the new changes in your life. Keep it pushing. S&S out.

Welcome BackSS (new product, displays, &Free Shipping)

First off I would like to personally welcome yours truly back to the blog section. The doctor said it was healthy for my self expression to say some words to the crowd. It has been an incredible eight months of dream chasing. The SS brand continues and growth is the mission. To those who have … Continue reading

SStill standing!

We have been up and running for 3 months now and I would like to send special shoutouts to those who have purchased SS or have the intent to. We are still on our mission to end wackness! Stick with us as the dream  shifts to reality. Also check out the new designs available… Happy Spring … Continue reading